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Simplicity 8058, featuring New Look 6459 top

  I'm so happy you guys with the fit of these pants; seriously, these pants feel amazing on,yes! I have to give a special, special shout out to Manju who authors Sewmanju and Tasha who authors the TheTellTaleTasha for giving their tips on pants designed for knit fabrics. I'm sure you all have heard and love their blogs respectively, as they both are awesome ladies! 

Okay, so it's no secret around these parts at how enamored I am with Cynthia Rowley's patterns. I simply love her design aesthetic. This pattern, Simplicity 8058, I believe was released last year sometime. I knew that I had, to had to have it! Y'all, know the drill,lol! I've waited for so long to sew these up, as I wasn't sure how this style would work on someone with my shape. I have very, extremely, over exaggerated thighs.

 I mean, even at my smallest, which I am not btw (flips hair, LOL) tend to have very large thighs. Of course, I've done the wide leg pant before; however, these are slightly different than a wide leg pant. This pattern is drafted with negative ease and are fitted in the thigh area, welp! This almost caused me not to take a chance on this pattern, but I'm so glad that I did. I've been seeing this style everywhere, and let's not talk about Erica B's fabulous versions!

It's hard to get black fabric to photograph, but let me paint you a picture for the zipper, okay,lol!
I used a black metal zipper, hence I assuming why it's not showing..Y'all, I realized I may have uneven
legs. Is this a thing? Okay, let me google this. No, Google will just have me going to seek medical attention LOL!
Right?! :)

  So, with that being said, regarding this pant having negative ease. I instantly cut the biggest size, which was a 20 and added a 1/2 to the waist area only. I'm a true apple shape, and tend to harbor, smuggle, whatever delightful term you can fathom for this, HA! And I've been actively watching my fitting courses on Craftsy, and I must say that I am enjoying learning, even if slowly, more on fitting.

Oh, and before I forget! I used a heavy weight Ponte fabric for these pants. I don't think you would want to use a thinner fabric here, as you would probably see every lump and bump. In less that's your jam, of course!

Measuring the crotch depth, 5/8 down to the crotch point
for my size. I measured it to be 9", but need a 10"
crotch depth.
The top is where I filled the pattern in to make up
for not including the pocket. The second alteration further down is
for crotch depth and the third alteration is for length.  Also, if you add any to waist, make
sure that you adjust your waistbands as well.

I initially set out to do a tissue fitting, but thank goodness for Manju and Tasha, who basically let this crazy lady know that it is nearly impossible to tissue fit a pant pattern, designed for knit fabric.The next thing that I did was measured the crotch depth on the pattern, which I measured it to be a 9" crotch depth, and I needed a 10" crotch depth.

So, I added length to both the front and back  to increase the crotch depth. I'm so glad that I did this alteration, because have you ever worn or made a pair of bottoms that felt like you had a permanent wedgie? Yeah, no, permanent wedgie, that's going to be a no for me,lol!

A little inside action, and no, my serger thread
doesn't match, but I'm trying to be more "Hakuna Matata"
these days,lol!
Putting in this zipper gave me the fits. I am such an invisible zipper type of
gal, but I knew that an invisible zipper would be no match in the rear region of my pants :)..So metal
zipper it was!

  I then decided that due to the fitted nature of the pant, that I would eliminate the pockets, as I didn't want any bulging in my thigh/hip area. I just filled in the pattern piece where the pocket front would be placed, and if I should happen to want to use the pockets in the future than you can just fold back the filled in piece and have the original pattern piece.

I also left off the button tab, as I knew that my top ( New Look 6459)  that I wanted to pair with these pants, that you wouldn't be able to see the details anyway. If you notice on the pattern envelope, you can't see this detail either, so I was cool with leaving them off.  I also added, initially around 6 inches, yeah, this was way too much! I'm 5'7 or 5'8 depending on if I'm feeling particularly svelte that day, so let's just say 5'7, shall we, LOL!

I ended up removing 3 1/2 inches from the pants, and hemmed them with a 3 inch hem, which I should have perhaps, done a 2 1/2 hem. I also am wearing a 4 inch block heel with these, so I believe that adding 3 or 3 1/2 would have been plenty enough length for me.

This was where I was before chopping off the
extra length that I added. Please, excuse my
dirty mirror. My little lady likes to come in my
sewing room and make her mark,LOL! hence why the
print marks are toddler level :)...

  You guys I am so happy with these pants, and I also feel as if I have a renewed love for blogging and sewing. I think it's because I have chosen to embrace my journey in sewing and not compare mines to anyone else's and realize what actually motivates me in this journey.

 And it's okay, if you're not motivated by fitting, or the technicality of sewing, but rather by bringing your vision to fruition. This is your journey and you have the right to travel it as you see fit!

 As always Be Blessed and Nothin' Less and Continue to Stay Fearlessly Fierce! ~Candice


  1. Great post. Your fit of this pattern looks spot on.. I have this pattern and was trying to decide if I wanted to make it out of a knit or another fabric with some stretch. I think I will use a ponte knit as you did. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much SD Cunni Designs!I hope you will get around to making this one up; I think you will love it!

  2. Super cute!! I like the whole outfit but I just love tbat CR pattern. I buy almost all of them even if I'm not sure if I'll sew them. I love her work!

    1. Thanks SewCraftyChemist! I know, Cynthia Rowley patterns are just amazing! I agree, I hoard her patterns, even if I know some of them I'm sure I won't get too.. LOL!

  3. Yay for your hard work on those pants! They look great! I think I own one Cynthia Rowley pattern that I never got around to sewing. I love her style though!

    1. Thanks Vanessa! I agree, Cynthia Rowley's style is amazing!

  4. Your pants are fab, you did such a great job, they look amazing on. I've not overcome my fear of sewing pants yet but I will have a go (when I'm brave:)

    1. Thanks Lynsey! You can do it! Pants aren't too bad, more about fitting!

  5. these are super fab on you! I really think I need to give this pattern a try!

    1. Thanks Sue! This is a great pattern. I hope after our next duty assignment, that I will finally be able to make the jacket. It's just way too hot of a climate to make the jacket here.

  6. These pants look awesome on you! I'm so glad you're happy with how your project turned out and found your sew-jo again for sewing and blogging. Don't you just love how an awesome project can be such a confidence booster?

    1. Thanks Carmen! It is an awesome thing when one gets their sew-jo back again, and it's even sweeter when your project turns out great! Thanks again, Carmen!

    2. Wow, Carmen said what I was going to say! Very well done, Candice!

    3. Thank you so much, L! I can't wait to make another pair of these pants.

  7. The pants look so great on you! It's wonderful to find a designer whose patterns just work for you. They go so well with that white top.

  8. Thanks The Sewing CPA! It is wonderful when you find a designer who's patterns just seem to work for you.

  9. Yes! the outfit looks great!

    Also, which fitting classes on Craftsy are you watching? I need to be knowing when to add (or remove) crotch depth too! I pulled out 3 pants patterns I want to do for this fall/winter.

    1. Thanks Tasha! I've been watching the "Plus size fitting" class. Even someone is not plus size will gain something from this class, and also the Palmer Pletsch pants fitting class. Those are two that I've been watching on pants fitting.

    2. Okay cool. I have the plus size pant fitting class so great. I will check it out today


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