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Floral pants frenzy: Simplicity 1371

 I have been wanting a pair of floral pants like these since forevah! It's almost like Cynthia Rowley heard my prayer lol, by creating this pattern ( well the pants at least), and speaking of Cynthia Rowley this is the first pattern of hers that I've sewn; although, I own practically all of her patterns. I fell in love with this pattern the moment I saw it, and knew I had to these pants in floral..  The pants come together relatively quickly and seem to be your standard Big 4 pattern instructions.
"Apple Shape" ladies we can
embrace the high waist too..
I think layering with a cami and
blouse, helps to keep the original
flow of the high waist; yet gives an
illusion of a smaller waistline. IMHO
  That being said and with this not being my first go at pants making, I knew that there were certain elements that I wanted to include. I added 1 1/2 inches to the front and back pieces to allow for a hem allowance. I added twill tape in the waistline seams,  also adding twill tape in the crotch seam (this is done to avoid your pants from growing). I made sure to add interfacing to stabilize the zipper area, especially having used a stretch twill fabric that had a slight  stretch; I wanted to prevent puckering in this area.
Pocket with invisible zipper..

Front pleats

Inside shot...I'm going to try the bias
binding next time to see if I can get a cleaner
finish...Practice makes perfect, or at least better!
   I didn't really have any sewing difficulties in sewing these pants; however, getting them to fit was entire different beast...  The waist, which is a bit snug; however, I am an " apple shape" and carry most of my weight in my tummy area ,so I knew that I would need to adjust there.  However, I did have to continue working with the fit to achieve the taper leg that is shown on the model . You definitely will need to adjust in order to achieve the look that you desire.  
 Overall this is a great pattern, one in which I'm sure you will be pleased with! I probably will make one more pair, preferably in a solid color for fall, but we'll see! I hope you ladies have a wonderful weekend filled with sewing and fabric shopping, of course lol!
                                       ~Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce 


  1. Your complete styling looks great. The pants are a great fit!

  2. Di. Vine! I knew these pants were going to be fly . Everything about the outfit is fantastic!

  3. Love these – totally awesome on you. Especially with your killer heels combo. Kpow!

  4. You look so vibrantly chic. ... love the hair do.

  5. Oh Candice! These are HOT! I love the fit and the fabric is fabulous!!! As usual the styling is on point! You did a GREAT job on these pants - It's nice to see these made up! Nice work!

  6. You look amazing Candice, I love the pants and the whole darn outfit. Get it girl.

  7. Turned out lovely and look fantastic on you!

  8. Love!
    Sieht wunderbar aus !
    Liebe Grüße Annette aus Deutschland

  9. Your pants are killer! I love the floral fabric you used.

  10. Now those are cheeful! Very pretty. Would be gorgeous in white also.

  11. Those pants are stellar!!!!!!!!!!! I love the fit, and the pieces you paired them with. Also, your hair!! It looks great too.

  12. These pants are amazing!!!! Good job!

  13. Love these! They look FAB on you!! Did you find the crotch on yours was a little long?

    1. Thanks J! I didn't have any problems with the crotch being too long, normally I have to lengthen this area.. I hope this helps any..

  14. you look amazing, Im just about to make those. xx


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