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Forget writers block, let's talk about pattern/ sewing block!

 Seeing that I'm coming in on the tail end of summer, after having giving birth three weeks ago. Meant that my summer sewing has been pretty much non existent. Not that I have not been dreaming of what could have been, sigh, lol.. Now, that I no longer have to share my body with the little diva, that means I can actually make the things that my heart desires. I now have pattern block! Yes, pattern block is a real issue y'all! You know when you have waaaay too many patterns it can cause a person to form a block of some sort, right? LOL! I don't what to sew because of my overflowing stash of patterns, sigh.. I feel like I'm ready to move into fall, but then on the other hand I feel like I didn't get my summer sewing out, deep sigh!
 I guess if I could stay away from the pattern sales and just sew from my stash of patterns. I could probably diminish much of my self inflicted pattern/ sewing block. But, nah, I'm too addicted to patterns. Seriously, y'all I may need an intervention soon :).... Speaking of patterns let's talk about the new fall Vogue 2013 patterns. Can we all say, YASS! I mean seriously, I pretty much love every pattern that was released this season, and that never happens.. Well, of course I had to pick these beauties up when I went to Hancock's this past weekend. Here's the ones I picked up...
This blouse, these pants are just EVERYTHING!
This blouse is casual, yet still stylish.. I like it! 
She's killin' em right! Love this jacket!
I love the princess seams in this pattern, very pretty!
Love the shorter version with the contrasting sleeves, yass!
This coat is everything! Enough said!

I love this dress! I mean it is just beautiful!

 I want to know what are you all working on? Is it still summer plans, or have you moved on to fall already? Alright ladies, I hope you are having wonderful week thus far !Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!


  1. Love the mans coat, too cool.

    1. Sassy T, girl that mans coat is too hot!!

  2. Me and my patternaholic self understands exactly what you are talking about. Too many choices can virtually paralyze a girl- resulting in no sewing at all because she can't make up her mind. Been there done that numerous times. I've been thinking fall for weeks now, and I guess we can say that I'm in a transitional preparational (I love making up new words and phrases) stage for it now. By this I mean that I have oodles of fall plans and I am starting to prep for them and at the same time I've also got several transitional pieces that I want to squeeze in as well.

    You carried that beautiful princess for nine months, and did it with style I might add. Why not start with some transitional pieces (summer/fall)to satisfy your summer sewing cravings then go right ahead and flip on over into fall. Just a suggestion.

  3. Yup that first 3 were on my must have list!!! I love the men's coat too but I know good darn well I'm not about to sew anything for hubby so that 4 dollars went towards another pattern lol. I'm still thinking about maxi dresses and such because it takes so darn long to get to pull out a jacket in Texas.

  4. I am loving that blue top, the purple dress and the mans coat! It's winter in the Southern Hemisphere but I've been making a few dresses and some smaller projects like bags or baby clothes, I've just been too busy to get all my winter sewing done!


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