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What late night blogging reading can pressure you into

Well, I was up late the other night, I don't know just couldn't sleep, I guess. I thought to myself  well, since I'm up I might as well surf the blogs you know.. Well for some this may seem as just an innocent act, but for myself,  this can lead to purchases of several yards of fabric. What can I say I give an easily to peer pressure lol? It may do a little damage to my credit cards and often times a lot*sigh*...I will learn self-control one of these days.

This time I just couldn't help but hit the purchase button! I know you are asking well what sent you over the edge? I was reading a blogger, Lynne from wonerfullymade , and she featured a trench coat that she recently made, in the most gorgeous fabric ever, which happened to be from Jo-Anns "April Johnston project runway collection". I mean Lynne's trench coat is all kinds of chicness, not sure if that's even a word but just flow with me hehehe...

  So of course  that meant that I had to check out their  website, and when I realized that Jo-Ann's delivered to FPO addresses. I literally ran to get my wallet, no seriously, I dashed out of bed to go get my credit card.. Now if only I can run that fast on my treadmill deeper *sigh*. I didn't purchase that particular fabric, because I saw another two fabrics that caught my eye. 

I was thinking maybe V1174 or Gertie's bombshell dress IDK
Guess we shall see.. Joann's listed this fabric as Damask not even
sure if this suitable for the bombshell dress.

Joann's listed this a poly shantung I wasn't even aware of such a thing..
I thought it may be a poly charemuse it is from the simply silky collection.
If this is indeed a " poly shantung" than maybe this fabric will be  the "bombshell dress".
 I will not even mention the EBay fabric purchase that I felt I just had to have. I would link to the exact seller, but I don't have the exact name of the company within my reach to link to.Now that's a sign of a problem, no, maybe, aww shucks! yeah it is lol... Now on the sewing front, I am still not finished with my dress, but hopefully I will get there by the end of this weekend. I ran into some fitting issues that I needed to get worked out. I already have my next project picked out just need to cut it out, which by the way is another dress. I don't know lately I seem to be on a dress kick. It's really working out by sewing only what's tickling my fancy at that moment. I've noticed that I haven't had much a loss in my sewing mojo, so to speak. That leads me to ask: What's your sewing style? Do you sew the things that you want, or only what you need?

  Ladies have a wonderful, blessed, joyous weekend! Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!


  1. I'd be attracted to these prints too! It's hard to resist pretty fabric. A sew a little of both. My wardrobe is an odd, eclectic place. When I try to be disciplined and sew what I need, my projects often don't turn out as I had planned anyway, lol.

    1. Thanks Karin.. I agree Karin, when I try to sew what I need it's like it takes the fun out of things and they don't turn out as planned..IDK

  2. Fabric shopping is a weakness for me, too. In fact, I am going shopping this weekend! I like the prints you chose, they are pretty.

    1. Oh yeah for shopping Vanessa! I think the purchases will be worse once I'm stateside...LOL

  3. Shame on you!!!...I haven"t bought a single piece(s) of fabric since....hmmm, last week...SMH...ROFL

    Enjoy your purchases :)

    1. MAD14kt you are soooo silly, but I will enjoy!

  4. Online fabric stores are my kryptonite as well...esp. late at night!

    1. Sandi, lol, I will have to agree!

    2. I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. =) I like your sewings.
      Please link back to my site

  5. Pretty fabrics. I haven't done any online fabric purchases for sometime, mainly due to spending my lunch break hopping on the train and 2 stops later I am in the fabric store.

    1. Thank you Sheila! Ooooh, how lucky are you to be so close to some of the BEST fabric shopping...I am slightly jealous lol..

  6. Buying fabric is one exciting endeavour.

  7. The black and white floral? I made a Butterick retro 2 piece dress from it, and used the back side. The colors are gorgeous, and it is a very nice dress weight.

  8. I've recently gotten addicted to fabric on etsy and yup all my purchases are at night lol!!! Everyday I say "no more fabric until....." but somehow I think I end up buying something once a week. :( My new tactic is that unless I know exactly what I want to make with it and what pattern I will use then I can't have it.


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