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Hot off the press..Or the sewing machine that is! V1179

 Hey Divas, it has been a month since I have sewn anything..I have always heard of one losing their mojo, or sewing mojo. I just never thought it would happen to me, but it did, and I didn't want to even think about sewing.. I had found myself utterly disgusted with sewing, yes Divas, disgusted I tell you..

 I am still fairly new to the sewing world, so I assumed that a wadder constituted of a garment that was unwearable..I guess the saying holds true that, one should never assume anything, for you run the risk of making an___ !!Well you Divas know the rest right LOL!  I say that to say this! It's glamorous to take the pictures in your make-up, heels, and hair(Purely talking about myself here :) But, how does the garment wear in the elements, the heat, rain, sleet whatever it may be...

We are all friends here, right, Divas! I wore my V1120 out with my husband to dinner last month, and let's just I was sweating, more than a whore on church on Sunday morning lol. I mean, I was in full hair, make-up heels, looking fierce! But, I couldn't help but feel like I was getting ready to combust..I  was HOT! I have never sweat so much in my life... It literally felt like a furnace was turned on inside that dress..*Note to self* 100% polyester is not my friend* Especially in the summer!

The hot box dress!

 Okay, I hope you Divas got a few laughs from that story, I know my mom did lol... I had to get over that trauma and sew something simple, easy, and summer mommy chic,and I came up with V1179..Seriously, I don't have much to say about this pattern. It's all of 3 pattern pieces, 10pts for that, right! I left off the elastic on the armholes and I made a 2 inch hem instead of the 4 inch hem...Needed the length to be kid friendly... I also, followed the other reviewers and just serged the collar onto the dress and it was totally fine.. I wore the dress all day today, and it wore beautifully, it's comfortable, chic, and an awesome pattern!
Effortless Chic! This dress is truly effortless!

Well, that's all for now Divas! I think I am going start thinking about fall clothes now, so I can somewhat get a head start! Just in case my mojo just happens to disappear again...Oh, yeah and before I forget. I received my first compliment from a stranger today on one of my handmade garments. I was thrilled I tell ya!

My little cardigan!

Divas as always, be blessed and nothin' less and continue to be fearlessly fabulous!


  1. Polyester will make you smell like a fat girl. This is one of the reasons I don't wear it on purpose. I don't mind ironing...

  2. You look darling! Glad the mojo is back.

  3. Glad your sewing mojo is back. You are too funny, but sorry that the dress didn't wear well in the heat. At least you will be able to wear it during cooler temps. Also the dress is pretty.

    Another pretty dress and it looks great on you.

  4. LOL! Great story, and you recovered nicely from your lost sewing mojo with V1179!! I love the fabric, and the way the piece falls. As far as polyester goes, I haven't had any problems with that (and I usually sweat a lot too), but get me around wool and not only do I SWEAT, but I itch horribly!! I might be allergic.

  5. Sorry the dress was too hot in the heat--but you do look great in it--and the coral one too! ~ Peggy

  6. @Serenity Love Peace Earth, yeah I may have to rethink this poly in the summer thing...@ Cenetta, thanks lady!

  7. Sheila, thanks Diva and you are right..I will just wear the dress as it cools down..@ Vanessa thanks for stopping by..@ Peggy thanks Diva!

  8. Both dresses are just gorgeous! At least you know the polyester dress will help your transition to cooler weather once the season's change:)

  9. Yay, you're mojo's back. You look really cute in the new dress! I didn't pay attention to that pattern when it first came out, but everyone keeps making such cute versions, I might have to reconsider.

    I've also had that experience with poly in the summer. I usually try avoid making my summer dresses in poly for that reason. Some poly knits are better than other, but I wish I knew how to tell BEFORE I wear it, lol.

  10. Thanks Victora, and yes, the Vogue will be put away until cooler temps lol...@ Lauren thanks lady!


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