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Questions??????? DIVAS HELP

 Okay Divas, so I  thought I would whip up a dress for Thanksgiving, since last year I tried and failed miserably....  I was going back and forth between which pattern would be easy, comfortable and a little sassy! I saw Vogue 1027 and fell in love with this dress... I love everything about this dress and everyone that reviewed on PR just looked wonderful...I didn't realize that one of the notions called for seam binding.. Here is my question, "What can I use for seam binding"? I do not have packaged seam binding, nor do I have silk organza, is there anything else I can use for this that I may already have on hand? If you Divas could give your insight this would be wonderful! As always Divas be blessed and nothin' less!


  1. Hey Lady,

    Good question! I love that pattern BTW (I made it a few years ago and it's my favorite dress). You just want to stabilize the seam (I'm guessing the shoulders and neckline, right?) Well if you had clear elastic you could use that. Worst case scenario is you could interface it with fusible interfacing such as a tricot knit. I don't think it's a good idea to use twill cotton tape or the like--which won't provide any stretch. But in a pinch maybe you could (especially with the shoulder seams) provided that you'd still be able to get your head through the dress. I'm not sure I have the answer. Will have to think about this a little more.

  2. I just pulled the pattern (I haven't made it yet mind you), I'm mostly just pattern collecting at the moment (lol).
    Per the pattern instructions the only place the binding is used is the shoulder seam. The seam binding is stitched to the back shoulder seam before the front and back shoulders are sewn.
    In this case I would use closely matching twill tape or grosgrain ribbon that is 1/2" wide or less.
    I try to keep either the twill tape and or the ribbon for such use. I usually keep white, beige, brown and black and it works quite well with all colors of knits. Unless the fabric is see through I have not had any problem with show through. I buy the twill tape pre-packaged and the ribbon by the roll. Both are inexpensive.
    I was once told that my use of ribbon for this purpose was incorrect, but it has and does work very well for me. Both ends of the twill tape or ribbon gets serged when I'm making up a knit so there is no raveling of the ribbon ends at all.

    So I would say if you have some ribbon on hand that is 1/2" wide or less, be comfortable in using it.
    Hope this helps - HAPPY SEWING!

  3. You ladies are the best! I need to order clear elastic thanks Vicotria! @ Faye, I do however, have the twill tape on hand so I will try that thank you ladies soooooo much!

  4. Good post! I just learned something too!

  5. Karin, thanks that's one of the many reasons I have grown fond of blogging....There are so many wonderful people willing to help...Thanks again Victoria and Faye!

  6. I made this dress last year, and actually I didn't use anything. Hehe.. I know shame shame, but I haven't had any problems with the seams stretching out or anything being weird without it. Best of luck to you!

  7. Thanks Angela I ended up going with the twill tape I didn't have the elastic, I need to order some soon! But thanks for the well wishes and by the way your version of this dress was wonderful!


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