Sunday, August 31, 2014

Butterick 5786 review

   Hey y'all! So I'm back to blog about my blouse, B5786. I really do love this blouse, but there are a few things that I would do differently should I make another version. For instance, the instructions do not tell you to add interfacing to the button placket. I really should have especially with using such a fabric as challis. Like, I knew better, and yet still didn't add it, sigh! It's not a deal breaker, but I highly recommend using interfacing to stabilize this area.

Sorry it's a little wrinkled, I had been
wearing this blouse all day..
   I also realize that I will probably need to start doing a broad back alteration, as I had slight pulling in the armhole area. Also, this blouse in my IMO is cut quite small, especially the arms, which is quite annoying, but I should have muslined this pattern beforehand, oops! I know I sound quite the Debbie downer about this pattern, but I really do love this blouse. I just know what to change in the future, so it's all good!

  Did I mention that I used French seams throughout the blouse? I got a little to excited when it came to the sleeves and sewed them the regular ol'  way, and was not about to take those sleeves out, so no French seams on the sleeves, (sad face).. I really did take my time making this blouse, and wanted to up my game a little in terms of finishing. I love, love the finished effect on this blouse with using French seams,the french seams just took this blouse up a notch.

Inside shot of French seams..

Collar and collar stand

  The fabric I picked up from Hancock's, I believe. It's a rayon challis fabric, very thin, almost sheer fabric; however, it was the perfect weight for this blouse. All though there are things that I would do differently next time, I still do love this blouse! This is truly my type of basics but without being dull, ya know?! I probably will make another version soon, with my list of alterations, that is! Overall this was a great pattern, an easy blouse pattern, to try your sewing chops using different seam finishes and techniques...

~Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Epiphany's and other randoms!

          I tell ya, the month of August is flying or has flown right on by, right?! I've been working, if ever so quietly behind the scenes. I've finally managed to put buttons on B5786, and finished up a pair of pants that I so desperately needed. Now I'm kinda of ready to make something fun and unnecessary, LOL!  I really should be sticking to my fall plans, which is really not detailed or planned, because that's not how I roll; well in sewing that is!
This is what I want to make Vogue 1267, for no other reason
other than it's so perrty lol! Also Erica B
rocked this dress, yes ma'am she did!

  I know I said that I had shirts on the brain, and I still do; however, I had an epiphany, y'all! It all started with my pants that I just finished. I had to  make adjustments to the waist and to the hips to get  the proper fit for me. Well, where does the epiphany come in you ask? Well, I realized that I often times don't make many adjustments other than lengthen here, or tuck there etc... And sometimes the fit is sometimes not on par to what I would like it to be.  Now don't get me wrong, I don't believe that I will ever be the "fit police"... I just would like to dig a little deeper with fit, because let's face it! If it doesn't fit right, how likely are you to wear the garment? That's where these pants come into play, which is another pair of S1371. The first version was awesome, but I knew that I needed more room in the waist, and so I grabbed two of my favorite fitting books and got to work!:

  I am now proud to say that I have a pair of pants that fit me like a dream! I mean, it made me all gushy inside, ok, a little dramatic but true. When I was a beginner seamstress I knew that I would eventually get into learning about fit; however, I always said to myself that I would learn construction first. Now that I am little better in that area, I am challenging myself with fitting my body. I'm also learning that most garments for me, especially woven fabrics will need to be muslined, sigh! But it's the price you pay if you want well- fitting garments, right?!   That's all I have for now! I'll shall be back later with hopefully some finished garments to show!
                          ~Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!



Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sewing happenings and M6957 take 2!

   I'm really feeling the mojo revving up, and I want to strike while it's hot! I've ordered a few yards of fabric over the past few weeks, as well as purchased locally. I posted last time that I'm really in the shirt making mode, especially with my boys going back to school; as those blouses will come in handy for a quick pulled together look for school activities.

Fabricmart goodies, both are Ponte knit and they're yummy!

  I have managed to get M6957, take two photographed on today, and let me tell y'all is was hottt! I'm talking about 106F today, ain't nobody got time for that LOL.... I won't review this one again, as everything is pretty much standard from my preveious version of this dress. I think I'm done for now, going to this pattern away as it's time to start switching gears to fall, at least in my mind it is.

  Oh let me tell y'all, I went to Jo-Ann's this morning specifically to get buttons to finish my B5786 blouse, right? No, I didn't forget them; however, got the entirely wrong color, like I needed black and got brown, ugh! I was not going back out in that heat!  So the hubby had to, no offered, yeah that's it offered :) that I use buttons from one of his shirts...Thanks Hunny:)

Picked up a few more patterns for fall, when my
fall sewing box is looking like *see below*

   I'm trying to narrow down what pattern is it exactly that I want to use next for my blouse. I already have fabric and BUTTONS, lol! I only need to narrow it down to one pattern, decisions, decisions..
~Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Got shirts on the brain

  So, I've haven't gotten anything finished to show today, although I've finished another M6957. I just wasn't able to get any pictures of the latest version. I have been busy in my sewing room this week, and I really seem to have blouses on the brain, like really tough! I'm quite glad, especially since that I really need to amp my wardrobe up in this area with simple button down blouses. I think they are a great way to build your  wardrobe, while helping you feel put together.

  I've been working on B5786, view "C", except that I chose to add the collar with the collar stand. This is truly a great pattern if you are new to making shirts, which I am, but with a little common knowledge you can produce a great shirt. I do think that this blouse runs a little on the small side and thought, hmm that maybe that it was just be me; however, another reviewer noted this on PR as well.. It's not small in that it is unwearable, but one or two cheeseburgers and I'm done, bahahaha!

I'm making view "C" but using the collar from B, and D

 The shirt is almost complete, it just needs buttonholes and buttons, which I will pick up tomorrow once I go get a few patterns that I don't need, right?! I do have two or three patterns right now that I'm thinking of next, which are all shirt patterns, since I'm in that mode... I'm thinking of these patterns next:
I love all the views on this one B5678

I really love this pattern, and have seen some really
awesome reviews of this in blog land.. Lori's 
version, oh my word, it's beautiful!

We are not going to discuss this unfortunate fabric
choice, but the pattern is nice.. 

  Well, ladies I'll be back shortly hopefully with some finished garments to show! Have a great weekend everyone!   Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

McCall's 5791

 My little baby, who is actually quite not that little anymore had a birthday last week. It was her first birthday, so of course, I couldn't in good faith call my self a seamstress and not make my only baby girl a dress... I will say that I will not ever wait until the night of ones birthday to produce a garment, EVER again! I was torn between dresses, didn't know if I wanted to use a tulle underskirt; I was just all over the place. However, I ended going with M5791, a basic bodice with the gathered skirt. I made view "B" in a size medium. I didn't use the instructions, because I knew I wanted to add tulle, and an invisible zipper..
  I love that a full lining is included with this dress, but I wanted to a add a layer of tulle to the skirt, which was a last minute decision, but I love it! I had never sewn with tulle before, so I was a bit worried that I would screw something up, but I didn't, whew! I sewed (basted) the tulle directly to the fashion fabric ( skirt), so basically I had three skirts: The fashion fabric, the tulle, and the lining skirt, everything else was pretty much straight forward.
Do you know how difficult it was to get these shots without her
pulling off her bow, LOL...
  I  used a cotton sateen fabric that has been in my stash for quite some time now, and it had been sitting there because I didn't have a vision for it; until I had my baby girl..  I'm so glad to have saved this fabric for just the perfect project..  For the lining fabric I used a rayon- bemberg, which so happens to be one of my favorites in terms of lining fabric. It's really not much to say about this pattern,  other than it comes together beautifully!

*Here's a clearer shot of the dress*

Just a few pics of the lining, inside shot of the tulle before the skirt lining had been
made... *I forgot to get pic of the invisible zipper*  I'm much
too lazy to take a picture of the back..

  I haven't sewn this week so far; however, I am in the process of gathering patterns and fabric for the up-coming fall season.. Is anyone else switching gears to fall? I would love to hear your plans!

                                      ~ Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!


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