Sunday, February 15, 2015

It's my birthday today and Burda Style 6829

I didn't have time to hem my sleeves, it was time to roll; however,
I am so unbothered lol! I also made my crossover crossover a
little more, just my preference..

 Today is my birthday, yay! I love birthdays, I mean who doesn't love getting gifts, right?! I knew I had to have this dress ever since the pattern was released, and then when I saw Adrienne's version; I was sold!

 This dress comes together relatively quickly, other than the fact that I needed to underline my dress in tricot fabric due to my fabric being a light color.  I didn't have any difficulty constructing this pattern, but Lawd if I wasn't praying to be able to fit into this dress lol! I should have added a half inch at least at the waist, but my next version I definitely will. I made the 44 and added an inch to the hem as to make sure I had enough coverage when I sat down for the wrap part of the dress.

I'm glad that I added that underlining, yay, no show threw!

  Overall, I am really pleased with this dress. I loved how quickly this dress came together, even with having to underline the dress, which I underlined every dress piece, except for the sleeves. I am planning on cutting out another sooner rather than later, that is how much I love this dress :).

Twin needled hem

Inside of dress with the underlining.

 Ladies, I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I am off to go and enjoy the rest of my day! 

~Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mad for plaid B5526

Paired my new top with my faux fur vest S2285

  I wanted a Buffalo plaid shirt for the longest time now. I had been searching for this print forever, seriously y'all, and I finally so happen to come across 4 yards of this flannel from Jo-Ann's of all places :). Now, I am by no means a pro with this plaid matching thing; however, I think I did an okay job. Trying to match plaid is not what I call a fun time, no indeed lol. I've had this shirt just sitting waiting on buttons for over two weeks now,sigh!

I could have used another inch, but I'd already added 2" :( ..
I think that Butterick tops run small on me length wise.

 Yesterday was my hubby's birthday and I  wanted something casual but cute to wear to Dave and Busters;therefore, that meant making buttonholes and sewing on buttons. I even tried to bribe my sweet husband to sew on buttons, no such luck :)... This top, Butterick 5526 comes together so effortlessly, like I didn't even have to fuss with an enormous amount of ease in the sleeve caps(I'm looking at you V9872). I made view B in the 18 and added little to the side seams. I also added 2" to the hem; however, I should have added 3" to the hem. Did I say how much I dislike matching plaid? Okay, I did huh?! Well, I did say that I wanted to venture out of my comfort zone a bit this year.

Left: Collar and collar Stand, Upper right: Button band
Bottom right:Inside of collar stand

  I really have been enjoying adding more tops to my wardrobe. As a mommy, I need comfort, but I still need a little edge too :). I would definitely sew this one again in the future, but I would like to get to some other patterns first. I really need to get crackin' on my February's Burda Style project. I so want to count the paper pattern Burda Style 6829 pattern  as my February's project, but that's cheating, right? LOL! Okay, so I probably need to get to tracing something out, but what?!

The back is cut on the fold, so no need to match there;however,
let's get into the side seams that match lol!

  I guess I need to start looking through my February's issue again, but I did print out two patterns the other day, so we'll have to see. You ladies have a great week. I hope it's filled with some great sewing and shopping. I mean how else are we suppose to sew if we don't shop for fabric? Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it lol!

                                       ~Be blessed and nothin' less and continue stay fearlessly fierce!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

My first Burda Style pattern 11/2013 #135

    Whew, I made it! I made my first ever Burda Style pattern from using their magazine. I mentioned in my last post that I had joined in on the Burda 2015 challenge, which is being hosted by the talented Dawn from Two On, Two Off. Now, when I decided to join the challenge; I didn't even own a single issue of the Burda Style magazines. I just knew that I wanted the challenge. So, I set my sights on getting my materials: Magazine(3 month subscription), tracing paper, tracing wheel etc. Y'all, I was so not ready for the chaos of  these magazines and the tracing. Actually, the tracing I find rather soothing; however, trying to locate my pattern on the MAZE is in-freaking-sanity I tell you! 

11/2013 #135 I made view A
11/2013 #135 image from the magazine

 However, I am not one to give up, nope not Candice! So, after I got in my right mind, because I set out initially to trace out this coat, but baby I almost went cray cray LOL...So I gathered my thoughts and thought it may be wise to set my sights on something a little easier my first go round, and that's where this top, Burda style 11/2013 #135 came in to fruition. This was seriously a quick make; I was done within the hour. I made this up on Friday evening and by the time the Hubby came back from an outing with our little people; I was done. I made the size 44. However, the size 44 was a little large on me, especially in the bust area, but to be fair my bust is a 38 and the size 44 is for a 39 1/2 bust. I'm so used to the Big 4 and the finished garment measurements :(...  This is not a deal breaker, because due to this top being such a easy going, every day top, it's okay for it to be a little loose.
The maze LOL

Whew! We got a pattern y'all!

I found adding my seam allowance
using the seam gauge to work best
for me. 

 For my fabric, I used a Ponte-knit, which was left over from a previous project. I would like to note that I didn't have to make any alterations, and that the length was spot on. I normally have to make length adjustments in the Big 4. I did read through the instructions; however, I did not have to use them for this top. I have my own preferred method to construct my knit garments.For instance, for the neck binding I merely pressed the neck binding together and serged the raw edges. I then sewed one shoulder/ arm seam(there were no sleeves to be set in) and left the other arm/shoulder open. Next, I applied my neck binding, sewing this at 1/4 inch seam. I then pressed the neck binding, then sewing the other arm/shoulder seam, making a sandwhich with the neck binding and shoulder seam.

Close-up of neck binding

My hem isn't uneven, that is my cami peeking out underneath :).

 Now that I've completed  my first Burda Style. What do I think?! I complained the entire way, but stepping outside of  my comfort zone, really pushed me and I love that aspect of it. Now do I think I'm giving up my Big 4? Heck to the no, LOL! However, I do love the possibility of different avenues to explore other than the Big 4.  I hope to keep up with the challenge, but I'll play month by month, ya know :)! 

                                                             ~Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Burda magazine, sewing, chatting and all the extras

   Gosh, where do I start?! I seem to be overly excited about all that's going on in the sewing community, the good things that is :).... For instance, I signed up for the Burda challenge, hosted by Dawn, who blogs over at "Two on and two off". The challenge is to sew at least one garment a month for 2015 from the Burda Style magazine, but go have a look see and see if you're game. It seems like a lot of fun to me! Now, I have never sewn a Burda Style anything, a pattern or from their magazine.. It's a little intimidating; however, I would like to really move a little out of my comfort zone this year. 

Burda Style 11/2014 ordered off of Ebay..Had
to have this one, loved so many in this issue.

 I've already started a 3 month subscription with Burda Style, as I wanted to see if I would like the magazine and would I really make anything from the magazine. However, I couldn't wait for my first subscription, lol, so I ordered a few off of Ebay (did anyone tell you that Ebay is addictive? ) LOL!

Seriously these patterns are gorgeous.
 I also ordered the 11/2013 issue; apparently I have a thing with Burda Styles' November issues. Again, this issue, in my humble opinion is everything, everything I say, LOL!

Burda Style 11/2013
 There were so many garments in this issue from the moto jacket, to the crossover pants, which are so unique, but in a good way. I know these issues are old news to most, but man y'all I am excited!

  Now, I probably won't have a January Burda garment, seeing that my subscription doesn't start until February. I also didn't really see anything that I wanted to make in January's issue; however, I do believe that we can make something from any issue, so I will have to see. However, I'm still waiting on my tracing materials and things like that, so all that will be a factor in will I have a garment for January for the challenge.
  In other news, is anyone else waiting for the new Vogues to be released? I know I am! I am getting impatient lol... Now in some real time sewing, I have managed to make good progress on my B5526 shirt. I'm using a flannel that I purchased from Jo-Ann's, hopefully I won't regret it. I also have plans to cut out M7094, which I picked up this weekend from the Hobby Lobby, and they just so happened to have every pattern that I wanted, go Hobby Lobby! I'm not sure if I should do a muslin, but I think I'm gonna throw caution to the wind, LOL! We'll see how that pans out, right?! Okay, y'all it's already beyond my bed time and my little people will be taking no prisoners in the morning LOL!
                                 ~Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Keeping warm in my faux fur and midi pencil skirt: Simplicity 2285

  This project has been on my to do list since forever! I actually purchased fabric for this in 2013 and butchered the faux fur so bad, that I couldn't even salvage the vest. The dang lining of the vest confused the crap out of the 2013 Candice, but see the 2015 Candice handled the lining like a champ lol! And by champ, I mean that I lined it my way but hey that's the beauty in sewing, right? That there is more than one way to get it done!
  I've been seeing these faux fur vest everywhere, and knew that I had to finally try this pattern again.  I fell in love with this DKNY faux fur vest; however, I was so not feeling that 239.59 price tag! No ma'am! Don't they know people have to save their coins for fabric and shoes lol!

Inspiration piece: DKNY 239.59 
 I purchased this faux fur from, and as I soon as it came in -I got to work! That's how excited I was, y'all lol! I cut a 14 because somehow I had the smaller range of the pattern, not sure how that happened, perhaps wishful thinking lol! Anyway, I had to make it work seeing that this pattern is now OPP(out of print). I had to add about a 1" to the side seams, and this worked great, since there was so much ease built into this pattern. This was one time that I was so thankful for that ease, whew!

My hubby was totally throwing shade at my MJ (Michael Jackson)
hat! LOL!!!
 I also left off the collar, as I wanted this to be as close to my inspiration piece as possible. I didn't find sewing faux fur to be difficult, just messy. I used a denim needle and a longer stitch length, and I am proud to say that my machine handled the faux fur like a champ(I sew on a brother CS6000i)!  This vest came really together quickly; I think it took all of three hours and that's including the cutting out the fabric. I think the thing that took the longest was that I ended up having to hand stitch the lining on the side seams to close them.

Inside shot: The lining..
 As for the skirt, I  actually repurposed a past project that I made. I ended up getting bleach on the dress, sigh! The life of a wife and mommy isn't always pretty lol! I just couldn't imagine throwing the dress away, with only such a tiny imperfection, so I cut off the bleach stain and made a midi skirt, yay!

  I am really pleased with this faux fur vest and midi skirt. I know that this will get plenty of wear this season. I hope you all are having a great start to 2015! I hope to get a head start tomorrow on B5526, but we will see how it goes...

                                       ~Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!


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