Monday, May 25, 2015

What I'm working on today!

I love the yellow dress in the upper-left

Hey there everyone! I hope you are enjoying your Memorial day weekend if you are in the States. I really wanted to sew this weekend, but life just somehow got in the way. I did manage to cut out this pattern S1418. I shared this pic on Instagram on Sunday...

Picture taken from my instagram page.

 I'm unsure of the fabric that I wanted to use, because I picked up this gorgeous linen fabric in an ethnic print colorway this weekend from Jo-Ann's. It's either between the black and white linen or my this gorgeous red, cotton blend fabric, seeing that I am really digging the color "red" at the moment!

 And seeing that I still have red serger threaded on my serger, so I'm thinking that may be a sign,right?  LOL!

 I  did do a quick tissue fit  and saw that I needed to add  length to the hem.  I added 2" to the hem and 1" to the waist seam, also adding  1/2 to the side seams. 

  This looks kinda of rough, but I wanted to see how having the pleats in would possibly look. I also wanted to make sure that I had enough room on the side seams, so I made sure to add 1/2" and if I don't need it, then cool beans!

     That's all that's going on with me today, and hopefully I can start sewing today, fingers crossed!

                          ~Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Simplicity 1104!

 I loved this pattern from the moment I saw it! Like had to have it kinda of love, lol! I would say that this pattern is not a quick make, like a hour or so pattern; however, it has just enough keep you interested! I thought that this pattern had a lot of things going to be a little top. For instance, the top is lined, it has darts, princess seams, invisible zipper, binding for the hem; I decided to leave the binding off.

I love how this is basically a peplum, but without
the peplum, genius, yes, no?! LOL!

 I used an 16 for the bust and graded out to a 18 at the waist. I wasn't sure how fitted this would be, and let's just say- I am glad to have had the extra room at the waist,lol! I used a micro stretch faille, never used this fabric before in my life, but hey, it went perfectly with my shoes,LOL! Don't act like I'm the only one that does this, lol! The fabric that I used had a bit of stretch, which I am so thankful for now, because the waist for ME was pushing it,so caution!  

I left off the hem binding, and opted for
a narrow hem :)..
 I had fun making this top. it was interesting but not tedious, ya know?! What I didn't like was the way  the pattern instructed you to do the binding, it was just weird to me, so narrow hem it was! I also thought that the armhole showed a little too much arm boobage, is that a thing? LOL! 

Inside of lining...The pattern is lined only at the
top, as there is not a waist seam. You can
make a full lining if that's your preference. 
 Overall, I think that this is a great pattern! I would say take your time to get those pleats darts right. I had to press mine while taking pictures, and I'm still unsure if I got it right,lol! I do like the finished top, but don't think that I need another one until I knock a few pounds off :). That's why there's not a picture of the back, those back pleats just made my butt look bigger than normal, bueno,lol! I hope someone else gives this one a go, because it really is a cute top! I just don't think this one is for me :(...

~Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay
fearlessly fierce!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturday morning chat!

  I hope you ladies are having a great start to your weekend. I don't have much planned today; however, yesterday was a full day of basketball games with the hubby and kids. I have two projects going on simultaneously. I don't know whats gotten into me, lol; as I never work on two projects at time. But you know what? It's been kind of fun to switch between the two, and work on whatever is grabbing my attention. I think I may have mentioned that I'm working on Burda 6829 for my anniversary next month. It's pretty much done, it just needs to be hemmed, but ain't nobody got time for that right?! LOL!

I made this in a winter for my birthday in February!

 I also am working on the new Cynthia Rowley pattern S1104. I was smitten with this pattern at first glance, but as I'm working on it; like I love it,right?! However, just note that this is pretty much a glorified peplum top, so if you're good with that, then it's all good! I'm good with it, just an observation,lol! The top has not been difficult, more so interesting I would say. It has some funky pattern pieces, but I think the pattern is enough to keep you interested, but not hard where you will lose interest, ya know?!
Also the top is lined, didn't know this :( and almost
couldn't get started right away, but I ended using lining
fabric leftover from one of my daughters dress,yay!

  You wanna know the crazy part? I sort of want to start yet another project, but to  my defense it's something to tie into the S1104 top,lol! I don't know what's gotten into me really, y'all, LOL! I'm going to try and get this top finished this weekend, pending my children get this memo too bahahahaha! So, what are y'all working on this weekend?

                                 ~Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Simplicity 1613 and my moms mother's day dress!

Simplicity 1613 paired with V8711

 Happy Mother's day weekend to everyone who bares the title one of life's greatest jobs! I have started my celebration early, with fabric shopping of course,lol! I stopped by Hancock's yesterday and picked up a few Buttericks, but boo, they didn't have the new ones in yet! Okay, so I know that said that I was going to possibly make S3503, but you see S1613 was calling my name,lol! Simplicity 1613 is such a fun pattern, with plenty of choices to chose from:

I made view D, but without the armband things, not
sure what those would be called :)

Yes, I am slightly addicted to
black and white stripes, lol!

  This top comes together so quickly, and is just what is needed right now, seeing that life has been so hectic for me lately. I added an 1" to the front and back pieces. I used the elastic;however, I need to go back in and make it a touch longer, to stop it from bunching up a bit. I'm glad to have finally gotten this pattern made up, as it's such a cute pattern.. I planned to wear it to lunch today, to kick off my Mother's day weekend. And speaking of Mother's day, my mama received her dress this week, and she loves it! 
I made M6559 for my mama again, the pattern was prepped and
it was a quick and easy sew!

                                               Well, ladies I hope you have a great weekend! 
                                        ~Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pattern ramblings and such

  I hope you ladies had a wonderful weekend-I know I sure did! Anytime you have sewing, fabric and pattern shopping, that is what I call a heck of a time,lol! I hit up the Hancock's sale on Saturday and purchased a few patterns:
M7131, I had to re-buy this pattern in the correct
size,ugh! I had a skinny day that day and thought
I'd arrived,LOL!

M6954  Finally broke down and purchased this one after
seeing how cute it was on someone on PR :)..

M7154, now I have absolutely nowhere in the coming
moment to wear this, but I had to have it,LOL! 

V9103, I actually went to Hancock's for this one pattern,
and walked out with several more later,lol! I love this
dress, hopefully I can muslin this one this week.

V9112, I didn't get this one, but I sort of like it!
It's something about it that I think is kind of cool :)..

  I also picked up fabric, but of course, and used my $6.00 off coupon, so I was a pretty happy lady! I also made my pretty lady, my mama, a dress for mother's day over the weekend; fingers crossed she receives it this weekend! I'll post it after mother's day, once she receives it.. Life has been crazy busy, but I know that I love sewing, and one must do what they love,right?! I'm going to try to finish up my Burda dress that I've been working on, and get a muslin going for V9103.. Okay, so I'm actually finishing up this post a day later, and have since realized that I do not have suitable lining for V9103, ugh! So I have to decide what dress to make for Mother's day, because I wanted to save my Burda dress for my anniversary next month. I'm thinking about an oldie but goodie,Simplicity 3503, which is out of print, but do maxi's ever go out of style?

Katie, who blogs over at kadiddlehopper made a fabulous
mash-up of this pattern recently..

  Well, I am getting ready to go blog cruising, and oooh and ahhhh of over all the lovely creations!  
  Have a great week everyone!     

                        ~Be blessed and nothin' less  and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!


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